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Vow of Silence

yay! Today was Vow of Silence day! Do you know what that means?
basically anyone that participates has to not speak from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm (at least at my school). It's to raise money for AIDS. I signed up, but unfortunately, not many other people did.
Have you ever tried not talking while everyone around you is? A lot of the time I had stuff I wanted to add to the conversation, too. It was annoying. Especially because my friends suck at charades.

Also, I just got my report card. Although I did well in every other subject (91% in English Media :D) I did REALLY badly in math. It's not my strong point. I passed, but...I got 55%. In my family, that's like failing. My mom and dad are good at guilt tripping.

Right now I'm out of manga series, so if anyone knows a good one (preferably a comedy) tell me, ok? Thanks in advance :)

-Put iPod on shuffle
-For each question write a song name
-Don't skip songs/edit to try and pretend your cool.

What can I say, I was bored :)Collapse )


Unity Conference

so, today my school hosted the annual Unity Conference (a gathering for queer and queer friendly high school students). It was pretty awesome, I mean, I got to skip all of my Wednesday sessions for it (it's random club-like things at my school done instead of classes every Wednesday). That wasn't the only reason it was awesome, of course. It was pretty empowering. I met a bunch of really nice people that had had to deal with a lot of homophobic shit, but were still really happy. One guy said that coming out was the best thing that ever happened to him, even though his family was...well unsupportive isn't nearly a strong enough word. And although it may sound cheesy or something, it felt great when we were all gathered at the end for the closing seremony and I say how many of us there were. I felt...normal's not the right word, because I HATE normal, but you know what I mean. It was awesome and utterly fabulous.


so, this weekend two of my friends came over to my house with Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs. I'd never seen the show before so they decided to force me to watch it. Well now I'm hooked. What can I say, it's an entertaining show! I don't get why there are so many Angel fangirls. He's got no personality. I LOVE Willow, Xander, and Giles! They're awesome. And, weirdly enough, my favorite pairing in that show is Spike and Drusilla. They're a cute couple...even if they are vampires that want to kill everyone and drink they're blood. I'm only on season two, so I guess I should't talk about what characters and pairings I like at this point, but whatever.
You know how people say to feed a fever and starve a cold? I sort of have both. What am I supposed to do? Eat or not eat? I'm not likely to not eat anyway, but I still want to know whether I'm doing the better thing or whether I'm ignoring the healthier thing. It equals the same thing either way, but still...

And no, I didn't just post this to use my awesome new Anise icon. How could you accuse me of such a thing?

If anyone's wondering why I didn't mention that OBAMA WON it's because it's pretty much all anyone's going to be talking about for the next little while and I decided to change the topic for a split second...
OBAMA!!!! WOOO!!!!

Hey all! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I just got Spore and have been playing it pretty much non-stop for the past week or so.


The other day I went to my school dance (claustrophobia ftw!) on Tuesday (missing House :( ). A couple of people kept whining about there being no one there, and saying that if it didn't get better soon they'd leave (although they never did leave) but I loved it! I don't really have "a life" so I don't go out dancing much. So? I liked it. Everyone always huddles in huge groups for a little while before everyone forms one giant mass. Inside of it, it looks like a maze. Outside it's closer to a giant wad of gum. I almost got squished, like, ten times...I'm really small so that happens to me a lot. Oh, and I counted a total of four dance/humping couples, but I know I missed a bunch. Me and my friends even made bets on how far one couple would make it out the door before they had a baby-making fest. In the end, the principal had to send them to opposite sides of the room to stop them from doing it in the middle of the dance floor. Afterwards, someone (either Brynne or Emma) mentioned that the couple went missing for about an hour...

On Friday I went to Emma's house with a group of people. We watched Shadow Army (the sequal to Evil Dead) and went trick-or-treating. Yes, trick-or-treating. I don't care that I'm 15. If the choice is between getting candy and showing off my ninja costume or sitting around giving out candy, I choose getting the candy. The funny looks people made at us made it worth it anyway. Then we watched Mars Attacks. Who needs horror movies when you've got mock-horrors?

I've been eating candy non-stop since Friday.

P.S. "Shop smart, shop at S-Mart"

I've been exhausted all week. I didn't sleep well last Sunday and haven't been able to catch up on that sleep since then. Every Wednesday at my high school classes start at 10:30 (best. school. ever.) and every five day week we spend Wednesday having club meetings and random activities instead of classes (told you we were awesome). It was a four day week, so we didn't get it this week. Ah well, we got Monday off, so that's pretty cool (it was Canadian Thanksgiving for anyone that doesn't know).

Yesterday I went to Fearfest, a Halloween event held every year at Wonderland (a theme park. It used to be owned by Paramount but now they've dumped it). It was awesome! I went on so many rides! I went with six other people (which is sad seeing as, like, twenty people were invited) so we had the perfect number for the rides. Unfortunately, it also meant that I was dragged to haunted houses. They weren't that scary, they just took up valuable roller-coaster time. I mostly spent the time become friends with the random people dressed in "scary" costumes. There was an awesome dude in a clown suit and stilts. Although he did try to eat Brynne...

Today I went to my friend Artem's birthday party. We went paintballing! I suck at it :) I have good aim but am terrified of pain, so I mostly hid behind a pillar and let my teammates shoot people for me. The back of my head hurts from a perticularly gruesome shot though. I only shot two people, one of which was on my team. He wouldn't shut up about it for the rest of the party. I wasn't the only one to do it though! The same person got hit by more friendly fire later in the battle.

Now I'm tired and sore. Ah well, it was fun :)

P.S. If you read the end sentence without reading the rest of the post, it sounds really weird. I'm so immature


so I went to the doctor today. Nothing big, don't worry, just a check-up. I have to go more often than normal people do because I'm disturbingly under-weight. I've been trying to gain weight for pretty much my whole life, and I can't even remember not trying to gain weight (although that doesn't say much. My memory sucks). ANYWAYS...

I got a needle today. Yes, I know, I'm sure many of you are crying sarcastic tears as you read, I just wanted my views on them out of the way.
EWW. I HATE needles. I know it only hurts for a second, so I'm not really afraid of them, I just hate them. More than I hate snow. They're not evil because I know it's for my health and all that, but the anticipation of the prick is often worse than the needle itself.

P.S. I'm hoping my "the anticipation of the prick is often worse than the needle itself" theory also applies to having the Conservatives win...again. I admit, it's unlikely, but it's worth a shot. Maybe the NDPs can win next year? Don't look so skeptical. Weirder things have happened! ...I just can't think of any at this moment.

Oct. 13th, 2008

have you ever had a moment where you're reading or watching something and you have the urge to grab the main character and shout: "You're in love with her! Get it through your fucking head!"?

I, obviously, get that A LOT. Of course, it could be because I read a lot of romance stories and stuff. Not mushy romance, more smart-comedy romance. Like: Ouran Host Club (ftw), Vampire Kisses (sucky name, good series), etc.
...Although it may also be because I'm incredibly impatiant.

adsjkdakj;a and other keyboard smashes

there are times when I wish 15 was the legal drinking age.

I'm working on a group project with Aidan and Brynne. I love both of them, they're both great, but they're both driving me completely insane. Actually, I need to correct that: BRYNNE is driving me insane. I know! Usually Aidan is annoying as hell but Brynne's being really stubborn. She spent the first class sulking that we didn't pick her idea for our English Media project (we sit around have group discussions about how the media is warping our minds. I love this class). Basically we have to make a collage showing the repressentation of a topic of our choice in the media. We picked politics and how the media can (easily and obviously) determine who people vote for. Brynne didn't want to do that, so she sulked, complained, and snapped at every idea Aidan came up with. Ugh. Oddly enough snapping at people seriously de-rails the creative process.
And then (of course there's more, I wouldn't complain if that was all) she doesn't bring any pictures to class and spends the entire class working on an art assignment...and arguing with Aidan...again.
Then there was some stress because Brynne doesn't have a colour printer and didn't have a way to print off pictures she found to put in our collage. I have a colour printer, so I tell her to send me the pictures so I can print them off. Guess what? She doesn't do any weeding. She sends me pretty much every picture Google has about various political figures. There were such favorites as: Golom with a George Bush face, gansta' Obama (oh the political incorrectness), and other such shit.

I can't WAIT until I'm done this project.